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Gina Zanetti Testimonial for SNA

Gina Zanetti, NY

Jive Records [Sony BMG]

“Steve's wide variety of work experience and connections has given him crucial exposure and insight to many facets of the entertainment industry that make him a valuable asset. I want to highly recommend him for your venture."
Kathleen Hostert Donate Life OneLegacy Testimonial for SNA

Kathleen Hostert, CA

Donate Life California | OneLegacy

"Steve Nguyen & Associates has a true passion for bringing media to events!  SNA is extremely valuable in the media industry and truly is an asset to any event!"
Dr. Vicki Rappaport SKN Beverly Hills Testimonial for SNA

Dr. Vicki Rapaport, CA

SKN Beverly Hills

“Steve really has his fingers, toes, and elbows on the pulse of what will be current. He will get you on the red carpet like nobody's business and make you and your products a star...make that superstar!”
Taylor Draper Inherent Testimonial for SNA

Taylor Draper, CO


“I have had the most amazing time with Steve, Tracy and the SNA team. One month after launching my business Inherent we onboarded Emmy Winning Costume Designer, Janie Bryant (lead costume designer for Mad Men, Deadwood, and more). SInce then we've been featured in WWD, GQ, The Hollywood Reporter and much more. The connections I've made through working with Steve is invaluable. I cannot thank him and the team enough. I am so thankful to be working with them.”
Andrea Nitolli OUATIQ Testimonial for SNA

Andrea Nitolli, CA

Once Upon A Time in Queens Movie

"I have had the pleasure of working with Steve Nguyen on a number of film projects. He and the SNA team were outstanding. Nguyen was instrumental in walking our production team through the process of film public relations that led to the release of our film “Once Upon a Time in Queens” to Lionsgate. As a film producer my time was limited and Steve was always efficient, effective, organized, and happens to have so many relationships within the entertainment, film, and television industries. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a team that not only understands the film and entertainment business, but also proficient in all areas of communications, creative, marketing, and public relations. I look forward to working with them again in the future. "
Adam Havener E! News Testimonial for SNA

Adam Havener, CA

E! News

“Steve Nguyen & Associates has brought valuable content to E! News. With their teams collective years of experience, along with their client relations expertise of the industry we highly recommend Steve Nguyen and the team at SNA. SNA has a remarkable ability to acknowledge and succeed in the expectations of the client. SNA has contributed major content to E! News and Daily 10 shows through mainstream A List red carpet events, vibrant features, exhilarating exclusive interviews, celebrity relations, explosive stadium-sized concerts and countless public relations for our media outlet"
Darren Tieste Testimonial for SNA

Darren Tieste, CA

Celebrity Photographers | Director

“I was hired by Steve’s PR firm, Steve Nguyen & Associates for their client’s publicity & promotions campaign. It was a great day and we shot several looks."
Eric BlackTestimonial for SNA

Eric Black, TN

Social Media Manager

"Steve and his staff have been exceptional to work with!  Very organized and on point.  When something needs to get done, it gets done in a timely fashion.  When you work with Steve as a client or as a partner, rest assured that you are in good hands."
Drew Harris Testimonial for SNA

Drew Harris, CA

Music Producer, Engineer, Musician

“I've worked with Steve and his team a couple of times now recording some of the music artists on his roster and it is always an absolute pleasure. In addition to consistently bringing great projects and talent, his professionalism, energy, and kindness make him one of my favorite people to work with”
Margie Floris Savvy Travelers Testimonial for SNA

Margie Floris, CA

Savvy Travelers

“We were glad to be a part of the Steve Nguyen & Associates (SNA) Legacy Lounge in celebration of the MTV VMA awards. We got great brand exposure over the two days and we loved the opportunity to sample and educate the media especially. Well run, and beneficial!"
Patty Rappa Kalologie Testimonial for SNA

Patty Rappa, CA


“The Steve Nguyen & Associates’ Legacy Lounge was a blast for our team.  Made some amazing contacts, amazing press, and look forward to future events!"”
Mary Brambila Salon Testimonial for SNA

Mary Brambila, CA

Brambila Salon

"We LOVED being a part of the SNA Legacy Lounge the Steve Nguyen & Associates hosted at The London West Hotel. Brambila Salon got to do hair styling on site, we made great connections, created a lot of content for digital, excellent media and social media content out of the amazing 2-day experience!"
Tracy-Keyser Clear Channel Radio P2R Testimonial for SNA

Tracy Keyser, CA

Clear Channel Radio | P2R Inc

“I have worked closely with Steve Nguyen and SNA for over 16 years now and he always gets the job done right the first time! He has been a life - saver for me and my clients; producing full blown red carpets for my clients the Kardashians at the time, for charities I worked with and major brands. He helped us shut down a main street in Beverly Hills to bring the Kardashian family into the event on horse and carriage! He has even executed a full world-wide press conference for MGM Grand Hotel Group for me in 3 days! I have never met anyone with more of a work ethic than Steve! Thank you for always making magic happen!"
Kelly Springer Testimonial for SNA

Kelly Springer, CA

Kelly K Public Relations

"I have worked on numerous clients and campaigns with Steve Nguyen and his team at SNA for over 14+ years.  He has a very good work ethic.  I am proud to have had the pleasure to work alongside him.  Nguyen’s accomplishments over a decade years have broken the ceiling for people behind-the-scenes.  During my time collaborating with Steve, we have aggregated top-tier press for numerous A-List stars. Some of those names include the Kardashians, Mel B, Snooki, Diddy, Black Eyed Peas, and the list goes on. One of our press conferences for the Kardashians in Vegas, was an all time record breaker. We crafted a custom-communications-strategy for the client. The press conference was at capacity with mainstream media hosted at the Mirage Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, a MGM International Resorts and Casinos. An exclusive segment was filmed with Entertainment Tonight on CBS followed by an additional exclusive with E! News, whilst filming for the hit reality show, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Steve not only delivers in world-class results but he bends over backwards for clients."
Dimitry Loiseau Regard Magazine Testimonial for SNA

Dimitry Loiseau, CA

Regard Magazine

“In early 2020, Steve Nguyen’s firm Steve Nguyen & Associates (SNA) was referred to me at Regard Magazine. We were preparing for the 10-year anniversary issue of REGARD. Our goal was to have the right brand partnerships to help kick this off . With just a few weeks to pull off our 10th Year Anniversary Celebration event at The Sofitel Beverly Hills, we immediately hired SNA for Strategic Alignments + Partnerships Services. It only took a few days where Nguyen aligned and secured brand partnerships with a rare 24k Gold Vintage Champagne by HÉLOÏSE LLORIS, My Green Network (MyGN), and others.

Steve Nguyen & Associates played a pivotal role in the success of our 10 year anniversary. I give SNA the highest of recommendations. Steve Nguyen & Associates is a firm that is professional, has candor, a great network, is connected, and executes what they promise. We continue to work with Mr. Nguyen in expanding our magazine and brand experiences.”
Ari Hirsch InstaSteam Testimonial for SNA

Ari Hirsch, NV


“I'd like to start off by saying that I have never had a better team manage my brand. Although InstaSteam took a big hit due to Covid-19, Steve Nguyen & Associates (SNA) played a vital role in keeping the company alive. I appreciate how much they cared about and believed in my business as if it were their own. I would highly recommend SNA to anyone who is looking for a firm that is honest, professional, and amazing at what they do. SNA has gotten us featured in Rolling Stone, Forbes, etc. We look forward to working with Steve and his team again."
Michael Eakman Aces & Angels Testimonial for SNA

Michael Eakman, TX

Aces & Angels

"I have personally known Steve for over a decade. He was and still is, my “Go To Guy” for all my Public Relations, Red Car Management at my Celebrity Events, Product Placement, Celebrity Gifting Suites and much more. Steve greatly exceeded my expectations by turning out a record 100+ media outlets at my Aces & Angels Celebrity Poker Tournament at eg Playboy Mansion that was hosted by Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner & Bruce Jenner. Steve and his team took care of all Red Carpet Management, Celebrity Wrangling (us bringing Derek Hough, Brody Jenner, etc), freeing me up to produce a very successful event and one that all who were fortunate to attend will never forget."
Sonia Kiani Testimonial for SNA

Sonia Kiani, CA

Celebrity Makeup Artist

“I had the pleasure to work with Steve and his incredible team on multiple projects and they are such a pleasure to work with as they are professional and make every project so fun and most importantly the happiness of clients is their priority. I look forward to working with Steve on upcoming projects !”
Stephanie Enriquez Dermalogica Clean Start Testimonial for SNA

Stephanie Enriquez, CA

Dermalogica Clean Start

"When we started working with Steve Nguyen & Associates for the SNA Legacy Lounge event, we did not know what to expect, so we were outstandingly surprised when we started generating media placements for us from the event. They have exceeded our expectation. The team was very professional and organized, which makes the process seamless."
Jeff Martin SmallCakes Testimonial for SNA

Jeff Martin, FL


“SNA Legacy Lounge has been an incredible event to work with. Not only has it given us the exposure to be seen in front of millions of viewers, but it has helped us expand our business. We have now become a national franchise in the U.S. It's been a pleasure to work with the SNA team"
Sonya Latreille Jeans Rowenta Beauty Testimonial for SNA

Sonya Latreille, Canada

Rowenta Beauty

We were looking to expand our already growing business in Canada to the United States. SNA was exactly the push we needed in order to do so. Communication was amazing and smooth. We are in another country and the Coordination team made it very easy for us to show up and set-up. The media exposure garnered the press we needed to grow in the U.S. and now we are in many large retailers throughout the States.”
Courtney Palmer Thibiant Beverly Hills Testimonial for SNA

Courtney Palmer, CA

Thibiant Beverly Hills

"I have had the pleasure of working with Steve, Van, Stevie and Kimmy from Steve Nguyen & Associates team for almost a year. They are a very professional, business-minded team with a twist of fun, youthful energy. I manage a business that has been a staple in the beauty industry for over 40 years. And as you can imagine, after 40+ years in an ever changing industry, you need to keep it fresh, young and relevant. Which is exactly why we partnered with SNA and SNA Legacy Lounge. This team was able to put our brand in front of that exact audience. We have a few projects in the pipeline and I look forward to many more with SNA!"
Phil Rivers BeachMint ShoeMint JewelMint BeautyMint Testimonial for SNA

Phil Rivers, CA

BeachMint, ShoeMint, JewelMint

“I have been in the fashion &  jewelry business for many years and worked with many editors, publicists, companies, and suppliers both large and small. We have gained brand exposure through SNA Legacy Lounge. We participated for the week of the Academy Awards and the SNA team helped coordinate the  process leading up to the event date. They made the process clear and uncomplicated. They responded to emails quickly, and even answered the phone when I called. We received great exposure and were able to end up with a lot of celebrity photos with our products at our exhibit. Hope to work with them again and again."
Angie Nielsen Roxx Vodka Testimonial for SNA

Angie Nielsen, AZ

ROXX Vodka

“As one of the presenting sponsors of the Steve Nguyen & Associates’ Legacy Lounge in celebration of the Pre-Video Music Awards 2015 an experiential luxury gifting lounge at The London West Hollywood Hotel, all expectations were exceeded. The event was extremely well organized, many brands and products were exhibiting at the event. I cultivated numerous relationships. The SNA staff created a very comfortable yet luxurious environment for the VIP guests and sponsors to interact at a personal level”
Margie Coats Testimonial for SNA

Margie Coats, ID

Elena Coats

"I’ve known Steve for several years. Not only is he a good man, he devotes himself to his work for you. He did PR for my client, music artist, Elena Coats. We were more than satisfied with the job Steve and his team did for us. They are very professional and a great group of people to work with. Happy 10 year anniversary to Steve Nguyen and Associates!"
Kaleila Jordan Testimonial SNA

Kaleila Jordan, CA

Professional Dancer

“Working with Steve Nguyen on LA Love The Boss’s music video was very smooth and professional. We had a fun and productive work day that I would look forward to again!"
Chloe Caldwell Testimonial for SNA

Chloe Caldwell, CA

Writer & Editor

I've only worked with Steve Nguyen & Associates for a few months now, and it has been nothing but a pleasure! The team is excellent at communicating and passionate about their work. I can't wait to see what else SNA has in store for the future!"
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