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SNA Communications is an integrated public relations and digital marketing agency focused on growing mid- to large-sized consumer goods, entertainment, health + wellness, technology, entertainment, and hospitality brands.

Founded in 2011 in Beverly Hills. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, with a second ‘base” in New York City, SNA has teams across the country, including major markets like Los Angeles, New York City, Las Vegas, Austin, Atlanta, Miami, and Nashville.

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SNA Communications

At SNA, we focus on the details and delivering results that move the needle for our clients and support their business goals – be it enhancing visibility, new market penetration, product launches, brand recognition, championing new partnerships + collaborations, revenue growth, customer engagement, education, CEO/Executive notoriety, social amplification, and more. We are great at opening doors. Our mission is to level up our clients.

Our comprehensive public relations and digital marketing portfolio enables companies to engage with stakeholders and scale their businesses. We work with and represent Fortune 500 and mid-sized to large-sized consumer goods, health + wellness, technology, hospitality, sports brands, and entertainment clients in film, television, music throughout the U.S., Canada, parts of Europe and Asia. These include food and beverage, apparel, beauty, consumer technology, electronics, medical devices, sustainable companies, hotels, resorts, hospitality groups, music, talent, films and television.


Over the years we’ve successfully propelled startups into the spotlight, turned ideas into renowned household brands, launched world-changing products, share groundbreaking stories, rebranded organizations and introduced international companies to the U.S. market. We’ve helped build and grow brands, products, portfolios, markets and services to get our clients to the next level and beyond, while ensuring RESULTS and exceptional client experience.


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Unwavering commitment to excellence, from providing exceptional client service and generating top-tier results, to radical ideas that transform brands and more. For us, it's excellence or nothing at all. 

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Core Values Authenticity + Transparancy


Harness one's unique strengths, lead with transparency, and engage in honest conversations that empower teams, clients, and the organization to thrive. Taking pride, and embrace accountability and responsibility.  

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A Culture of Excellence


We are committed to continuous professional and personal growth, striving to improve every day. We embrace change, work with a sense of urgency, and view challenges and obstacles as opportunities for innovation and learning. 

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A Positive Collaborative Spirit


Prioritize building and maintaining trust, embracing diversity and unique perspectives. We communicate effectively and showing up with gratitude and grace. 

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Steve Nguyen is the Founder of CEO and President of Steve Nguyen & Associates℠ (SNA), a global Public Relations and Entertainment firm renowned for achieving high visibility and crucial exposure on behalf of some of the world’s biggest celebrities and brands. In 2016, The Huffington Post wrote about SNA and Nguyen specifically recognizing him for his visionary work with some of the most well-known names in entertainment, film and television, music, sports, and gaming. Nguyen brings a comprehensive, creative approach informed by more than a decade of media experience to achieve his clients’ goals in public relations, marketing and communications. Skilled at garnering the attention of key editors, and targeted audiences, he serves as a trusted advisor to both emerging and A-list talent. Working collaboratively with consultants/brand professionals, Nguyen and his team offer wisdom gained through experience and advantages acquired through intelligent planning, proving themselves an invaluable asset to every aspect of building a distinctive, enduring brand. Nguyen also serves as Founder and Executive Producer at SNA Films - a multimedia international production and distribution company. 

Steve Nguyen
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