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Lauren Gonzalez



LOCATION:  Missoula, MT

CAN'T LEAVE THE HOUSEHOLD WITHOUT:  A notebook, laptop, cell phone

HOBBIES:  Travel, luxury hotels, vacation fashion, and lifestyle. 


A master of marvelous wordplay, Lauren "Lo Writer" Gonzalez spearheads the copywriting, providing PR firms including SNA, global brands, and the world's most influential personalities with top-shelf copy+content engineered to reach (and exceed) varied, ambitious objectives.


Before penning her first amateur children's books at age 8, Lauren considered writing and storytelling her greatest passion and calling. Since then, she has traveled the world soaking up diverse cultures and perspectives, gathering ways to craft content from a variety of fresh angles and viewpoints.


Armed with a Bachelor's in Business/Economics from Santa Barbara's Westmont College and a Master's degree in conflict resolution+interpersonal communication from the University of Oregon Law School, she approaches copywriting with a particular eye for audience-specific language that sells, converts, and speaks to readers on a deeper level. As a result, she is a sought after copy/content/ghostwriter responsible for moving the needle on growth goals for some of the world's biggest tastemakers in entertainment, music, fashion, food, beauty, health+wellness, the eco-space, and more, delivering on-target messaging for more than 60 brands (and counting).


Her proud roster of past projects includes B2C/B2B content for a wide range of brands and personalities in a variety of business and career phases (launches, re-brands, pivots, post-crisis trust-building, etc.), including: heavy-hitting household names like Gerber and Braun, multi-national film companies, globally televised events attended by POTUS/senior administrative officials, start-ups in CBD/cannabis distribution, and more. Building a steadily flourishing freelance agency on over 90% referrals, Lauren begins every single day with gratitude for the opportunity to exercise her imagination and storytelling capabilities in establishing a thriving career around her earliest passion: the written word.

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