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Katrina Ricciardulli


With over 10 years of multifaceted expertise in public relations, marketing, and social media, Katrina has honed her skills to perfection, seamlessly blending creativity, strategy, and execution. As a think-outside-the-box kind of professional, she consistently goes above and beyond for her clients, delivering exceptional results. Her exceptional ability to forge meaningful connections with media and influencers has enabled her to generate impactful outcomes.

In previous roles, Katrina has orchestrated remarkable influencer trips for renowned luxury travel brands, creating unforgettable experiences that produced an astonishing reach and never-before-seen levels of engagement. Her meticulous planning and attention to detail ensured that each journey surpassed expectations, leaving a lasting impression on influencers and their captivated audiences. The immersive experiences she curated opened new avenues for brand exposure and fostered authentic connections with target demographics.

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LOCATION:  San Diego, CA

CAN'T LEAVE THE HOUSEHOLD WITHOUT:  Sunscreen, phone, and sunglasses

HOBBIES:  Traveling, eating, surfing, scuba diving and skiing

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